Fade Gear Crunch Box Review

If you frequent this blog you have probably noticed I have been purchasing/reviewing a lot of new discs lately. Well...as you can imagine, my Innova starter bag has started to fill up. What better excuse to purchase a new Disc Golf bag?

The first thing you'll probably notice is the gorgeous color of this disc golf bag. Well...Fade Gear calls it "pumpkin" and I promise you it looks even better in person. Not an orange fan? No worries, the Fade Gear Crunch Box is available in a rainbow of exciting hues.

The Fade Gear Crunch Box holds about 15 discs comfortably if you include the nicely-sized putter pocket. It is structured very well and stands on its own nicely, whether filled or empty. The bag features very nice raised pockets. Fade Gear claims that this will prevent the pockets from wearing down. Furthermore, the bottom of the bag has nice little "feet" that prevent the bottom from rubbing against the ground of your local disc golf course. These are really neat ideas. I will let you know how the bag holds up in the future.

The Fade Gear Crunch Box's water bottle holder is very large and has an adjustable cord on top so your bottle stays secure.  The other side pocket is also nicely -sized and will easily fit your wallet, phone, keys, or whatever. items you may not want to carry in your pants pockets.

Some other nice features include a mini-disc holder, towel/key clip, pencil holders, and a few other nice little pockets for miscellaneous items.

My favorite part about the Fade Gear Crunch Box (besides that beautiful color?) was the price. I picked it up for $29.99 online with free shipping. This bag is really nicely priced compared to similar bags on the market. I would definitely recommend one to any fellow disc golf traveler.

If the 10-15 disc capacity isn't enough for you, Fade Gear makes similarly styled larger bags for tournament play. Check one out using one of the links to the left. These bags are carried by most major disc golf online retailers. Am I being paid to plug Fade Gear? No...but I really do like this bag!

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