Disc Golf Accessory – Otterbox 1000

How many times have you been out on the disc golf course when you've  had to fish out a disc from a stream?  Have you dropped your bag in a puddle or on the muddy ground?  If so, you've probably gotten your wallet, keys, or phone soaked at one point or another.  I've recently come across a really good solution to protect my valuables from the elements while disc golfing.

I now carry a waterproof case in my disc golf bag.  I place all of my small items inside.  Anything that would be in my pockets or disc golf bag now rests comfortably inside my Otterbox 1000 case.  Otterbox cases are waterproof, crush proof, and airtight...meaning whatever I put inside will stay dry no matter what.  With my otter case I can confidently play in the rain or snow without worrying about my cash, credit cards, phones, or whatever.

The best part is, Otter Cases fit perfectly in my small disc golf bag or even in a cargo pocket.  They do make larger sizes, but for my money the Otterbox 1000 is the perfect size for whatever I need to carry.  I think I could even keep my PDGA rulebook inside...not that I'd need it.

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