Great Disc Golf Destinations Around The World

Disc golf has become a widely recognized and appreciated sport over the years, and for many who like to play, it’s a joy to simply get to the closest course and play a few rounds with friends. However, another great aspect of disc golf – as with normal golf – is that there are wonderful courses at destinations all over the world, which offers players the chance to travel to enjoy their leisure sport. So just for fun, here are three awesome course destinations around the world, and how you can enjoy them.

Dunes – St. Petersburg, Russia

The Dunes disc golf course is not actually in the heart of St. Petersburg, but is located roughly 35 km to the northwest, on the Gulf of Finland. Built in 2009, Yahoo Sports notes that it was the first disc golf course in Russia, and it features a unique and somewhat dramatic design. Sand dunes, pine forests, and the nearby gulf make up the surroundings, and make for challenging but enjoyable conditions. Just don’t go during the freezing cold Russian winter! To further enjoy your trip, the best option is merely to tour St. Petersburg, which is one of the most striking, beautiful cities in the world. The Hermitage Museum is one thing you shouldn’t miss, and goes well beyond the obligatory museum visit in other cities around the world. The Hermitage Museum is one of the biggest and most impressive in the world, and provides a nice relaxing daytime activity when you’re not on the course!
Parc Ignace Bourget – Montreal, Quebec

There’s only one course at Parc Ignace Bourget, and the Disc Golf Scene rates it a B+. However, with the USA dominating the disc golf scene in North America, and with Montreal marking such an incredible destination for travel anyway, we’d still list it among the top courses to visit for travelers. The course has a nice, if standard setup of holes, and is generally not too crowded.

As for what to enjoy in the area, the list is endless! Montreal is an incredible city—like an old world European capital mixed with gorgeous modern touches and infused with fine dining, French culture, and spectacular architecture. For those disc golfers who want a touch more gaming in their trip experience, there’s also a WPT event sponsored by partypoker that takes place there annually, and offers people the chance to participate in a professional poker tournament environment (with high stakes!). But no matter what your activity, Montreal is impossible not to enjoy.

Ryan Ranch – Monterey, California, USA

The U.S. is home to an enormous variety of disc golf courses, and countless options with flawless player ratings. However, Ryan Ranch is one of the best public courses you can find, consisting of 27 holes located just inland of California’s Pacific coast. The course is known to be somewhat challenging, and consists of some tight holes, as well as numerous elevation changes that keep things interesting.

The Monterey area, meanwhile, offers some incredible vacation attractions for your time off the disc golf course. The most notable is the Pebble Beach area, where some of the highest quality golf in the world is played (if you’d like to drop the disc and pick up some clubs). However, the Pacific coastline also offers beautiful beaches and resort areas in and around Monterey. For that matter, the Monterey Aquarium is well worth a visit as well!

Again, disc golf has become an enormously popular activity throughout the world, and these are only a few of many great courses you can visit. But if you’d like to combine your disc golf with a bit of world tourism, these are great options to start with!

New Writer to join the Disc Golf Traveler Web Team.

Kyle Moriarty has recently joined the disc golf Traveler web team and will be writing about all sorts of things.  He will write up disc reviews, course reviews, tips for new players, gear reviews, and all other things disc golf.  Kyle went to Springfield College in Springfield, Mass for Physical Education.  He has helped teach a disc golf class to his fellow students for the past three years, so he knows how to break down the skills and explain them in a way anyone can understand them.  He already has one disc review up on the Vibram Ridge and there will be much more to come from him.  He is excited to be part of Disc Golf Traveler and hopes to help

Ripping Discs!

Ripping Discs!

future and avid disc golfers.

Disc Golf Traveler Now Under New Management

I'm happy to announce the Disc Golf Traveler is under new management!

As a professional Internet marketer and an avid disc golfer myself, I was extremely excited at the opportunity to acquire this great website so that I can continue where the former owner left off - providing well written and easy to understand disc reviews, tutorials and news.

I want to thank the former owner, Ron C. for putting a ton of time and effort into making this site great. I wish him the best in all of his future endeavors.

As for the future of Disc Golf Traveler, I have a TON of plans for making this site the go-to spot for disc golf news and reviews.

First off, there will be a LOT more reviews coming your way. There are a ton of discs that still haven't been covered here, and I don't plan to rest until every major disc has been fully tested and reviewed.

Second, I plan to vastly expand the beginner's section, with the hope of eventually making it a full, comprehensive guide for beginners, consolidated within 1 page. This will include disc selection, definition of basic terms, beginner tutorials and more.

I plan on expanding the number of course reviews available. I live in Minnesota, where we are fortunate to have an ample variety of great disc golf courses. I plan on reviewing many of them myself, and I hope that users will contribute reviews of their own local courses to be published here. More on that soon.

Some of you might notice the forum is no longer available. I have decided to at least temporarily take the forum down. I may decide in the future to add a new, better forum. It depends on how things go. For now, I strongly recommend that everyone use the comments area on blog posts for discussion and I definitely encourage everyone to participate - or at least stop by and say hi!

Again, I just want to say thanks to the previous owner and thanks in advance to fans of this site for your continued support!

- Sam


Disc Golf Frisbees?

If you are looking for disc golf reviews follow the link to read our write-ups of some of disc golf's most popular discs.

But should you call them frisbee golf discs?  Probably not. Purists of the sport of disc golf refrain from using the word "Frisbee Golf" because frisbee refers to the actual brand name, which is not usually used in disc golf.

Disc golf discs are much more specialized than the standard frisbee. Disc golf drivers are much thinner and faster than the typical fribee you would throw at the beach.  The closest disc golf relative to the classic frisbee would be a putter. Disc golf putters are thicker, rounder, and fly much slower than other discs.

Disc golf, frisbee doesn't matter what you call it, as long as you get out and play!

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January has come and gone and so has our first official disc giveaway.  We are pleased to announce that our first winner is FOREVERBLUE232.  This poster was extremely active on our disc golf boards since the beginning, so we were happy to see this person's name get drawn. Thank you to the rest of our posters. Keep it up. There will be a new winner at the end of February.

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So how do we review all of these golf discs? This is a question we get asked often as

We do our best so that each golf disc review is as accurate as possible. Being golf disc junkies, we tend to throw lots of discs. We tend to pick up a couple of all the new discs that enter the market each month. Every golf disc review is written with a few things in mind:

  • What is the best use for the disc?
  • Does it fly as advertised?
  • How will it beat in and change over time?
  • Is this golf disc recommended for beginners?
  • Would we recommend the disc?

Honestly, we haven't meet many discs we don't like to throw.  Although we certainly have our personal preferences, each golf disc review is written with every disc golfer in mind. Please feel free to browse through all of our reviews. Make comments, email us with your own review to post on our site.

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Ice Bowl Season for Disc Golfers!

In case you aren't familiar with this great event, the Ice Bowl is long-standing disc golf tradition. Now running over 25 years, the event is designed to promote the sport of disc golf while raising money for local charities (food banks, etc.) It does not take place in a central location, rather at hundreds of disc golf courses around the USA. The chances are your local course will have an Ice Bowl rapidly approaching in the coming weeks.

The Ice Bowl has some simple rules:

  • You MAY NOT cancel an Ice Bowl for any reason (especially bad weather)
  • No whining
  • No wussing out for any reason

I will likely be attending the Ice Bowl at Seneca Creek Disc Golf Course in Gaithersburg, MD

To find out more about this great cause visit your local course's web page or check out the official Ice Bowl website.

Innova vs. Discraft … the Battle Rages On

They are the two juggernauts of the disc golf world: Innova Golf and Discraft Golf.  While Innova Disc Golf still remains the King of big box retailers, Discraft is slowly gaining prominence among disc golfers around the country...and the world. If you troll around internet disc golf forums you will find that loyalties are fierce to either company. While there are those (present company included)  that throw discs from a variety of manufacturers, a vast majority of players are either Innova golf or Discraft golf fan-boys.  Why such partisanship? It's difficult to tell.

The latest craze among disc golf manufacturers are discs that are super fast and beginner-friendly. Disc golfers are going nuts, gobbling up Innova Golf's new Katana. On the other hand, Discraft Golf's new Nuke driver has been selling out all over internet disc golf retailers.

To me this appears to be a sign of things to come, especially as other manufacturers like Ching, Gateway, Latitude 64, and others start to gain bigger pieces of the market share. As competition becomes more fierce between the big guys (Innova and Discraft) you can expect to see longer, faster drivers and new plastics. While the hype machine will certainly be in full swing, new gear is never a bad thing for disc golf enthusiasts. I am personally looking forward to the new colors, shapes, sizes, and molds coming from Innova golf and Discraft golf over the next few years.

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After some feedback concerning our original disc golf forum we have decided to move to a new forum host. We are very excited to offer a much more user-friendly version that is consistent with other forums you may be registered for. If you tried to register in the past with no luck, try this one.

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We hope that you will use the forum to connect with other disc golfers around the country...and the world!


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