Discraft Hornet Review

Somewhere between a Wasp (one of my personal fav's) and a Drone is the new Discraft Hornet Mid-Range disc. Discraft describes the Hornet as "not crazy overstable, but no sissy either."  As part of Discraft's "hive" of mid-range discs,  the Hornet has a lot to live up to.  After all, the buzzz, wasp, and drone are some of the most reliable mid-ranges on the market.

From what I've seen so far, the Hornet is a nice Mid-Range option for windy days. It also has a good bit of glide compared to similar overstable mid-range discs. I find that I can give it a ton of arm and not have it turn over...which is an advantage over the Buzzz, which can be flippy in such situations.  I'm not sure where it will exactly fit into my game just yet, but it is certainly a disc to look out for.  Will it replace my wasp?  I'm not sure just yet.

Have you thrown this disc?  Submit a review by commenting below.

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Discraft Stalker Review

Is it a driver? Is it a mid-range? No...it's the best of both worlds. Discraft's new golf disc - the Stalker, is an awesome hybrid of a distance driver and an accurate mid-range disc.  While this disc delivers on what it promises, the biggest problem with the Stalker is finding a place for it in your game.

There is certainly nothing wrong with this disc, I just can't see using it over my Buzzz on mid-range shots or picking it up for fairway drives.  If you are looking for an in-between driver/midrange hybrid, this disc is for you.  However,  if you don't have a pressing need for this disc in your bag you might want to spend your money on a different disc.

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Disc Golf Draft Part 2: Roc vs. Buzz (and more)

In the battle of mid-range golf discs there are really only two choices aren't there? Buzzz or Roc. These two discs have been the subject of high-charged discussion on message boards all over the internet.  Yankees/Sox, Duke/UNC, Michigan/OSU...now Roc/Buzzz.  I personally have thrown and do throw both because they fit different niches in my bag.  However, I am in the minority on this one. Choose your side...

Tale of the Tape:

Innova Roc - A versatile mid-range with a predictable fade. The Roc is legenadary for its versatility. It's great in headwinds, short drives, and mid-range shots.  It beats in really well and eventually turns into a slower, more understable mid-range.

Discraft Buzz - Discraft's flagship disc, often referred to as "The best disc in the world". When I was first learning to throw the Buzzz was my savior. Predictable, straight, versatile (until the wife threw it in a gator-infested river!). I usually carry a few in various beat-in stages. The buzzz is world-famous for dependably straight mid-range shots and almost no fade (especially in the pro-d plastic).


a few other contenders...just for fun

Discraft Comet - A straighter flier you will not find. The Comet will hold any line you give it for as long as you want it to.  Lesser known than the Buzzz or Roc, but I'm not sure why.

Discraft Wasp - Similar to the Roc in my opinion. The Wasp is just overstable enough to hold a special place in my bag, but still useful in many situations. The wasp is my mid-range of choice in windy situations.

Innova Stingray - I stumbled across my first stingray in the woods. It had no name on it, so I put it in my bag. The rest is history. It's a great roller and understable mid-range. You can't top a beat in stingray as an understable mid-range golf disc.

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Discraft Meteor Review


DescriptionLong, dependable understable mid-range

Pros – Holds an understable line forever

Cons – None

Compares to – Innova Stingray

Full Review:

When you go to disc golf forums (shameless plug) you read a lot of threads about "Underrated Discs". Well, it does not get much more underrated than the Discraft Meteor. This understable mid-range comes from a long line of solid mids from Discraft.

I picked up a Discraft Meteor a while back when I was looking to add an understable mid-range to my arsenal. I had thrown Innova Stingrays with a lot of success, but I wanted to give something else a try. At first throw, you'll notice the Meteor gets amazing distance, even at less than full speed. I would actually feel comfortable throwing mine as a driver on some shorter holes.  Unlike some "understable" mids that fade back to hyzer after a while, I find that the Meteor holds a really nice line for as long as you want it to, making it a clutch disc for difficult shots.

The versatility of the Meteor is a plus too. I've actually started using it about 50/50 with my beloved Buzzz.  The Meteor can be an unbelievably straight flier, much like it's "0" rated counterparts (Comet).  I handed one to Mrs. Disc Golf Traveler (who is what I would call a beginner) last month and she immediately sink a 100 ft shot...she has since stolen the disc from me.

I will definitely be picking up a replacement in ESP plastic as soon as possible...you should too if you demand consistency from the mid-range golf discs in your bag.

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Discraft BUZZZ Review

It's been called "the greatest golf disc ever made" by Discraft lovers, and sometimes referred to as "a cheap knockoff" by Innova fan boys. I am of course talking about the ever-popular Discraft BUZZZ.

The Discraft Buzzz mid-range will forever be compared to the similar Innova Roc. In fact every disc golf message board sees a, "Roc or Buzzz?" thread pop up almost weekly, drawing the ire of seasoned disc golf readers. The truth is, both are amazing discs. I carry both in my bag. However, when I absolutely need to land within 10 feet of the basket, I reach for my Discraft Buzzz (in D-plastic) every time.Why do I love the Buzzz so much? It's simple, it is the straightest, most predictable mid-range disc in my bag. In fact, when I am not sure what to throw in a particular situation I reach for my Buzzz. I personally own a couple in inexpensive D-plastic...a habit I developed from my early playing days. In actuality, the D-plastic Buzzz (known as a BUZZZ-d) is actually rated by Discraft as a straighter disc (0) than its Z, ESP, and FLX counterparts. This makes the Buzzz-d perfect for beginner players, or pros looking for a perfectly straight flight pattern.

While the Buzzz is a fantastic mid-range golf disc, I would and do throw it in just about every situation. I can drive with it when accuracy is a must. I can anhyzer it or hyzer it with ease. My Buzzz-d is my ultimate utility disc. In fact, I could even putt with it in a pinch (even though I love my Rattler). When people ask me, "If you could only carry one disc for a round of 18, which would it be?" I confidently reply, "My Buzzz".

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