Discraft Stalker Review

Is it a driver? Is it a mid-range? No...it's the best of both worlds. Discraft's new golf disc - the Stalker, is an awesome hybrid of a distance driver and an accurate mid-range disc.  While this disc delivers on what it promises, the biggest problem with the Stalker is finding a place for it in your game.

There is certainly nothing wrong with this disc, I just can't see using it over my Buzzz on mid-range shots or picking it up for fairway drives.  If you are looking for an in-between driver/midrange hybrid, this disc is for you.  However,  if you don't have a pressing need for this disc in your bag you might want to spend your money on a different disc.

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Discraft NUKE Review

Description - A super-long, wide-rimmed, distance driver

Pros - Crazy distance, very fast, easy to control

Cons - Not for the weak-armed (moderately experienced players should be fine though)

Compares to - Somewhere between an Innova Boss and an Innova Katana

I know it has been a few months...but I finally got my hands on a Discraft NUKE, the new wide-rimmed driver from Discraft. For those of you disc golf gearheads, you already know about this much-hyped distance driver. For the rest of you, here is the skinny:

  • The NUKE features the widest rim allowed by the PDGA
  • It is designed to give maximum distance to players with average arms
  • It has a Discraft 1.6 rating - which is fairly understable compared to many drivers on the Discraft line


So how does it measure up the expectations? For one,  the wide rim is a lot to get used to.  After you finally do, your other "wide-rim" drivers will actually seem small.  At first throw, the Nuke did not seem very understable at all.  In fact, it had a finish very similar to a Force or Boss. This will likely come down to how strong your arm is.  The NUKE will play slightly stable for weaker players, but much flippier for those with big arms. In fact, a couple of my more experienced buddies actually found the disc too flippy, even before it was beat in.

Despite your opinions on whether or not the NUKE is flippy or slightly stable, the distance it provides can not be questioned. Once I broke mine in a little bit and got used to throwing it I did notice big improvements in my distance. I was throwing it much longer than my Wraith (which USED to be my long-distance driver of choice).  The NUKE has quickly become my choice for the longest holes at my local course.

I also found the disc to be very controllable once I got the hang of throwing it.   With my more beat in NUKE, I start it out with a slight hyzer and watch it glide! The right-to-left finish is comparable to many of my other slightly stable drivers, but the distance sets it apart from the rest.

Would I recommend the NUKE?  Absolutely. If you are a player with good technique and a less-than killer arm, this could be the distance driver that puts you over the top.

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Discraft Surge Driver Review

Attention Innova throwers (present company included): I know you are in love with your Wraith, Valkyrie, SL, or whatever driver you currently throw, but have you picked up a Discraft Surge lately? While Discraft has not been known for their drivers in the past, The Surge might be worth your while.

The Surge is a favorite among world champion Disc Golfer, Nate Doss. In fact, you can buy a signature "Nate Doss Surge".
What makes this disc such a favorite among pros is the fact that even those with big arms will get great distance and glide without turning over. You can think of the Surge like Discraft's version of the Innova Wraith...a long driver with good stability and glide (I have even seen people throw the Surge farther than the Wraith).
If you have been turned off by Discraft drivers in the past the Surge just might be the one to get you throwing more than just Innova (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

Oh yeah...and the Surge is available in all plastics that Discraft offers.

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Discraft Cyclone Driver Review

If you are new to the game of disc golf, the chances are you may have  never heard of the famed Cyclone Driver from Discraft. What a shame! I recently began carrying a few of these great discs in my bag and I can't stop using them.

The Cyclone is rated as a "0" by Discraft, meaning the disc is designed to fly as straight as possible (think Buzzz).  This is a great thing for a driver.  In a world where players are looking for ultimate distance and the proverbial "S" curve or helix shot, it is nice to know you can still get a very straight flight path out of a driver. I use mine for anhyzers, hyzers, or any shot where I need the disc to go straight.

This is also an ideal beginner golf disc. The Cyclone is a driver that will give any arm dependable results without sacrificing speed or distance.  I know several seasoned players that started out throwing Cyclones and never quit. While newer more overstable drivers might be all the rage among disc golfers, in my opinion, sometimes you can't beat a straight dependable flight from your long-range disc.

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Discraft Stalker Review

The Stalker is the newest addition to Discraft's line of distance drivers.  While it may not be the most flashy or far flying driver in your disc golf bag, it will almost certainly find a place in your game. Think of the Discraft Stalker like a super-charged Buzzz. It will hold any line you give it and keep going longer than any mid-range.

I absolutely love the Discraft Buzzz. It is the most dependable disc in my bag. When I heard about the Stalker I was immediately intrigued by its comparisons to the Buzzz. A driver that flies like a mid? I needed to try it out.

The early reports of the Discraft Stalker were pretty much as advertised. It makes a great driver when accuracy is a must. It will keep any line you put on it and finish nice and smooth. I was equally impressed with the distance I squeezed out of the Stalker. Often times, straight-flying drivers tend to be very short. This was not the case with the Stalker. It flew very long, especially considering how easy it is to control

Overall, the Stalker would be a great addition to any disc golf bag. It makes a great driver for those just learning the game, or a nice dependable fairway driver for experts. Think of the Discraft Stalker like a perfect mid-range/driver hybrid.

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Discraft Avenger SS Review

If you read through the archives of this blog it become apparent that I am a big fan of Discraft discs.  Just about all the golf discs in my bag are of this make. While I do carry an Innova Roc and a few others, most of my go to discs are indeed Discraft (Surge SS, Buzzz, Rattler, etc.). The other day however, I got my hands on a Discraft Avenger SS and did not enjoy the experience.  No matter how many times I threw it I kept getting the same result:  The Avenger SS was not "super straight" as advertised, rather it faded into a mean hyzer on every drive. This is a disc I definitely wish I left on the shelf.

What's the point of producing a "super straight" disc if you can't throw it straight? That's a great question that i wish Discraft would have answered before putting out the Avenger SS in FLX plastic. I tried...I really tried to get consistently straight drives but I just couldn't do it. Before you become skeptical of my results, keep in mind I do swear by another "SS" disc - the Discraft Surge SS (FLX).  This is why I am so puzzled by my experience with the Avenger SS. On just about every drive (high, low, fast, slow) this disc quickly faded into a nasty hyzer and dive-bombed from right to left. I had almost no success in driving with this disc despite several attempted adjustments to my throwing motion.

If you are looking for a true straight max-distance driver, pick up a Discraft Surge SS. It flies remarkably straight and long. If you would like to read a full review, click on my archives or search for it. Why do these discs fly so differently? The only significant difference I can see are the profiles of the discs themselves. The Avenger SS (which I did not enjoy throwing) has a very low profile, whereas the Sure SS (which I love) has a very "dome-like" appearance. How/why does this alter flight patterns? I am not sure. One thing I do know however, is that from my perspective the Surge SS is vastly superior to the Avenger SS.

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Discraft Surge SS Review

Description - Understable distance driver with good speed

Pros - Controllable, understable, perfect for beginners and intermediate players

Cons -  Gets a little flippy when beat-in

Compares to - Innova Valkyrie

If you recall from a previous post, my primary driver, the Discraft Surge SS was lost on the 16th hole at Rockburn Disc Golf Course in Howard County, MD. Well...I finally got my new one in the mail a few days ago and I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to write up a formal review.

The Surge SS (super straight) has become my primary distance driver for a reason...it gets great distance without sacrificing control. I can hyzer it, anhyzer it, or throw it straight and far with confidence.

I will be the first to admit that I am no pro when it comes to disc golf.  While my skills are improving every day, I am still working on getting a better snap on my throws and adding more distance to my drives. On a good drive I can get up to about 300-350 feet. However, I am usually around 250', especially on wooded courses where I can't huck a disc with all my might. That's why the Discraft Surge SS is a great disc for me: It has the stability to reach it's target with superior glide to get that extra 50 feet.

On a straight and open hole I usually pull out my Surge SS.  Given a moderate hyzer it will flip up and carry on a nice straight line.  For me this equals maximum distance, especially given the amazing amount of glide that the Surge SS gets.

The Surge SS is also my primary long-distance anhzyer disc, as is the case for many pros (just check testimonials on the Discraft website). When throwing this disc for an anhyzer you really need to give it an extreme low-to-high motion. As mentioned above, the Surge SS does have a tendency to flip over on such shots (the "SS" stands for super straight doesn't it?). However, with some practice you will be rewarded. This disc will hold a beautiful left-to-right line if thrown correctly. It will finish softly and glide towards the basket (hopefully).

In conclusion, the Discraft Surge SS is a versatile distance driver for players of any skill level. A beginner might use it as a hyzer driver. A more experienced disc golfer might use it for long and straight shots, while a more seasoned vet would probably use the Surge SS for long anhyzers. Either way this one is worth a pick-up.

Why is the Surge SS in my bag? Because I can throw it in just about any situation and know I'm getting great distance without sacrificing accuracy. My arm may not be big...but my throws can be with the Surge SS.

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Discraft Predator Review

One glaring "hole" in my disc golf bag was the lack of an overstable distance driver.  I found myself sacrificing distance by throwing  hyzers on drives that required  right-to-left movement.  There were even a few occasions where  I had discs land too hard on a hyzer and skip 100ft+ past the basket (very frustrating). An overstable disc would definitely come in handy in such a situation.

After doing on research on various forums and websites I decided to purchase a Discraft Predator driver in ESP plastic. This is a favorite of one of the world's great players - Nate Doss.  He, along with other pros have described it as a dependable overstable driver that is great in the wind and on uphill drives.

I must admit that after throwing so many "beginner" drivers (Surge SS, Avenger SS, Innova Leopard) the Pred at first felt a little bit difficult to manage. Just as advertised, it is extremely overstable. However, once I began to let it out of my hand on a  bit of an anhyzer I was able to control my drives with much more ease. In fact, it has begun to replace my Surge SS on many shots where I need to make a long shot on a narrow fairway. With the Predator, I can pick my spot and place it there on a consistent basis. What more could you ask for from a distance driver?

I am still blown away by the predictability of the Predator.  When beginners think "overstable" they tend to think unpredictable. This could not be further from the truth with the Pred. In actuality, once you get used to throwing such an understable disc, it becomes easy to spot. The lines it takes are very consistent and it just won't turn over! No wonder so many pros rely on this disc out of the tee box.

As far as distance goes I was very pleased with the Predator. I don't have a particularly big arm, but I can get this one up to about 300-350 feet without maximum effort. Obviously, it finishes with an extreme right-to-left .  However, when thrown correctly this will not detract too much from the length of your drive.

To sum things up, this disc will definitely have a spot in my bag. While it won't replace my more stable drivers, having a driver that can handle a dogleg left or get around a tricky hazard on a drive will prove invaluable down the road. You owe it to yourself to throw this disc. No matter what your style of play, you will likely find a place in your bag for the Discraft Predator.

The Good:

- Very predictable flights

- Will not turn over!

- Gets consistent distance compared to less stable drivers

The Not-So-Good:

- Beginners will have trouble adjusting to the extremely overstable flight

- It probably won't replace your more moderately stable distance drivers

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