Disc Golf Making an Appearance at Penn State

Penn State...when you think of this school you probably think of football, partying, and cows ... and probably in that order. While Happy Valley's  new disc golf course is getting plenty of traffic, it is unlikely to dethrone Beaver Stadium as the area's most recognizable sports complex any time soon.  However, that doesn't mean the Circleville disc golf course in State College, PA isn't a step in the right direction.


I visited the nine-hole course last fall, and while it doesn't have the bells and whistles of some of my local Maryland courses, playing a round is certainly a good way to kill an hour. The holes are extremely short, so bring your lucky "Ace" discs. While I wasn't able to ching any during my round, driving to most holes was not a challenge (most were under 300ft.)

As far as stand-out holes go, there is not much to write about when it comes to the Circleville Disc Golf Course. Most holes don't have much in the way of hazards, so if you can throw straight you're in business. Hole number nine stands out because in order to birdie one must squeeze their drive through an open path in a wooded area.  If you can do so, you will be rewarded with an easy deuce.

Overall, this is not a course you'll want to drive all the way to central PA to go play, but if you're in the area you could do a lot worse than a half-round of disc golf. The challenges are few, but this is a great first step for disc golf in Centre County.

click for a course map

Revolution Disc Golf – Carolina Team Bag Review

Revolution has long been known as the "Cadillac" of disc golf bag manufacturers. The quality of materials and construction is really second-to-none.  When I got a chance to try out a Revolution Carolina Team Bag  I jumped at the opportunity. Is over $100 too steep of a price for a disc golf bag? Is this bag a luxury or a necessity? Let's find out...

I have been carrying around my FADE Gear Crunch Box for some time now.  I find that for a casual round I don't necessarily need huge amounts of space for accessories and discs. However, I can see how tournament play would certainly warrant more golf disc capacity. The Revolution Carolina TEAM bag comfortably fits up to 16 discs in the main compartment, 2 putters in the putter pocket, and you could even jam a few more in the spacious side pockets. I've seen friends stuff over 20 discs in this bad boy!

You could probably pick up a generic sports bag for a few bucks that would easily fit 20 discs, but what separates this bag from the pack is the amazing amount of extras. Some features that you just won't find on many other bags include:

  • Removable roll cage (the material has been strengthened after several complaints to Revolution)
  • Putter pocket that holds up to 2 discs
  • Quad-Shock hook ups
  • A rain flap to cover your discs/accessories
  • HUGE pockets (I ended up fitting a whole adult sized rain coat and a baseball hat in one)
  • Insulated drink holder
  • SUPER DURABLE MATERIAL - 1650 Denier Cordura to be exact
  • Mini disc pocket

Did I enjoy using this bag? Absolutely!

Am I going to jump out and buy one? We'll see.
Overall this is an awesome bag if you're the type of person that has an i-phone, built-in GPS, and blue-tooth headset. In other words, this bag was designed for disc golf gear-heads who appreciate life's finer things. If you're looking for a bag that will last forever and provide you with enough space to move a small bedroom, this is the bag for you. However, if you don't want to throw down close to $100 on a bag that will get tossed into the mud and chewed up by your dog, there are dozens of much cheaper options.

That being said...tax refunds should be arriving any week now. Why not save a small portion for an awesome disc golf bag?

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Monthly Disc Giveaway Winner!

January has come and gone and so has our first official disc giveaway.  We are pleased to announce that our first winner is FOREVERBLUE232.  This poster was extremely active on our disc golf boards since the beginning, so we were happy to see this person's name get drawn. Thank you to the rest of our posters. Keep it up. There will be a new winner at the end of February.

Remember, if you want to be eligible to win next month, just sign up for our disc golf forum...and while you're there make a post! Winners will choose any one disc from our ebay store, UFO Disc Golf.

FOREVERBLUE232...send me (discgolftraveler) a private message on the forum to claim your prize.

The disc golf forum has had modest activity so far, but we are still looking to expand and grow. Let's build this disc golf forum together!

Golf Disc Review: Your One-Stop Site

So how do we review all of these golf discs? This is a question we get asked often as DiscGolfTraveler.com.

We do our best so that each golf disc review is as accurate as possible. Being golf disc junkies, we tend to throw lots of discs. We tend to pick up a couple of all the new discs that enter the market each month. Every golf disc review is written with a few things in mind:

  • What is the best use for the disc?
  • Does it fly as advertised?
  • How will it beat in and change over time?
  • Is this golf disc recommended for beginners?
  • Would we recommend the disc?

Honestly, we haven't meet many discs we don't like to throw.  Although we certainly have our personal preferences, each golf disc review is written with every disc golfer in mind. Please feel free to browse through all of our reviews. Make comments, email us with your own review to post on our site.

Don't see your favorite disc? Email us to submit your own review...we'll even give you a shout out.

The feedback has been great so far for our little golf disc review site/blog. We are getting almost 10 hits a day on our little site just for the Innova Katana! As our disc golf site grows we look forward to having even more participation in our forum.  If you haven't registered yet go ahead and introduce yourself. We look forward to having you back!

Innova Star Mako Review

Description - A straight-out-of-the-box mid-range

Pros - Flies nice and straight, holds a line

Cons - Only available in Star plastic (expensive)

Compares to - Innova Coyote, BUZZZ-d

The Innova Roc is on the top of the food chain when it comes to Innova mid-range discs. The slightly overstable disc is the benchmark when it comes to consistent performance on the course. Looking for something that's a little more of a straight flier?  The Innova Mako might be your best bet...if you really don't want to throw a Discraft BUZZZ.

The Mako is currently only available in Star plastic. In case you aren't familiar, star plastic is the highest-end polymer that Innova offers. It is super durable and I really love the grip it provides. Just gummy enough...but still feels solid. However, it won't break in as easily as a DX model would, resulting in more stability for the Mako.

The Mako is indeed as straight as advertised.  I would compare it very favorably to my most used mid-range disc - the Discraft Buzzz. The Mako is everything you would expect from a straight-flying mid. It has very little low speed fade and it holds a line quite nicely. To me, discs such as these are irreplaceable in my bag.  I would never play a round without a dependable straight flyer.

The only criticism of the Mako that I have is the lack of availability in other plastics. I personally like my mid-range discs in "cheaper" plastics. My beat in buzzzs, rocs, and meteors are among my most trusted molds for their versatility.  The Mako is a really nice disc...I just would have preferred some more options. Pick one up if you like mid-range discs in durable plastics.  You won't be disappointed with the super-straight flight characteristics.

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Ice Bowl Season for Disc Golfers!

In case you aren't familiar with this great event, the Ice Bowl is long-standing disc golf tradition. Now running over 25 years, the event is designed to promote the sport of disc golf while raising money for local charities (food banks, etc.) It does not take place in a central location, rather at hundreds of disc golf courses around the USA. The chances are your local course will have an Ice Bowl rapidly approaching in the coming weeks.

The Ice Bowl has some simple rules:

  • You MAY NOT cancel an Ice Bowl for any reason (especially bad weather)
  • No whining
  • No wussing out for any reason

I will likely be attending the Ice Bowl at Seneca Creek Disc Golf Course in Gaithersburg, MD

To find out more about this great cause visit your local course's web page or check out the official Ice Bowl website.

Innova vs. Discraft … the Battle Rages On

They are the two juggernauts of the disc golf world: Innova Golf and Discraft Golf.  While Innova Disc Golf still remains the King of big box retailers, Discraft is slowly gaining prominence among disc golfers around the country...and the world. If you troll around internet disc golf forums you will find that loyalties are fierce to either company. While there are those (present company included)  that throw discs from a variety of manufacturers, a vast majority of players are either Innova golf or Discraft golf fan-boys.  Why such partisanship? It's difficult to tell.

The latest craze among disc golf manufacturers are discs that are super fast and beginner-friendly. Disc golfers are going nuts, gobbling up Innova Golf's new Katana. On the other hand, Discraft Golf's new Nuke driver has been selling out all over internet disc golf retailers.

To me this appears to be a sign of things to come, especially as other manufacturers like Ching, Gateway, Latitude 64, and others start to gain bigger pieces of the market share. As competition becomes more fierce between the big guys (Innova and Discraft) you can expect to see longer, faster drivers and new plastics. While the hype machine will certainly be in full swing, new gear is never a bad thing for disc golf enthusiasts. I am personally looking forward to the new colors, shapes, sizes, and molds coming from Innova golf and Discraft golf over the next few years.

New Upgraded Disc Golf Forum!

After some feedback concerning our original disc golf forum we have decided to move to a new forum host. We are very excited to offer a much more user-friendly version that is consistent with other forums you may be registered for. If you tried to register in the past with no luck, try this one.

If you are interested in winning a FREE Discraft golf disc remember, all you need to do is register for our new forum. Those of you who had registered for the old one are still eligible, but we would love you to come on over to the new one. Registration only takes a few minutes.

We have added a few new disc golf "categories" including:

  • General Discussion
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  • Marketplace

We hope that you will use the forum to connect with other disc golfers around the country...and the world!


DGT’s Monthly Disc Giveaway!

Disc Golf Travelers...

How would you like to win a free disc this month? How would you like to choose the disc, weight, and color you prefer? All you need to do is register and make a post in our forum in order to be automatically entered into the contest! Each month all registered users in our forum will be eligible to win a FREE disc golf disc from our eBay affiliate...UFO Disc Golf.

Hopefully we will have you come back to engage in disc golf DISCussion on our fourums in the future. As you can probably tell we are aiming to make Disc Golf Traveler a one-stop community for all thing disc golf. Enjoy posting on our forums and exploring our site. As always, if you want to submit a disc review please send me an email.

-Happy Disc Golf Travels

New Site Layout

Dear Readers,

In order to better serve the online disc golf community, we have redesigned the website to have more of a "social network" vibe.  This will allow disc golfers a place to interact, chat, and voice their opinions about the sport and general topics. We are very excited about the change! On the new website you have the ability to:

  • See a list of registered users and their gravatars (see the link for more info)
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We hope you enjoy the change. Voice your opinions on our new forum. Please register and pick out a Gravatar that you can use all over the web!