Quarry Run Disc Golf Course- Augusta, Maine

Quarry Run Disc Golf Course- Augusta, Maine

            This course is straight up awesome!  Any type of hole you can imagine is here.  There are short ace runs, long downhill bombers, tight wooed shots, shots from fields into gaps, open field holes, and plenty more.  The course plays through an old rock quarry with a few of the holes going over or though the quarry, which is a cool touch for me.  Quarry Run also has a decent sized pro shop with reasonable prices and the staff are very friendly and willing to help.  Talking to the owner, he is planning on expanding his course and making 2 different course, a pro level course and a beginner friendly course.  This is very exciting and disappointing at the same time because I love the current lay out, but I can’t wait to see what else this property has to offer.


-          Great Hole Creativity

-          Great mix of shots i.e. backhand/flick, hyzer/anhyzer, short/long, open/tight

-          Great use of elevation

-          Super clean course

-          Very friendly and helpful staff

-          Course is maintained as well as any other top notch course

-          Tee signs give the perfect amount of details

-          Tables and/or benches at every hole


-          Pars are too easy ( I shot 10 under par with 2 or 3 eagles, I’m not THAT good!)

-          The course is going to be changing in a year, so get this lay out in as soon as you can!

-          Tees are rough at times, multiple kinds of concrete used and in sections so they can be bumpy and uneven


This is just a fun course to play.  If you are a player looking to get your first under par round or looking to hit par, this is the course to do it on.  Get it out of the way so when you find yourself shooting under par during a tournament, you don’t choke cause you’ve never gone under par before.  With a readjustment to the pars, this course would be a 5 out of 5, but with the easy pars, it is a 4.5 out of 5.  I am excited to see the changes and the new course put in here, but I will miss the current lay out.  Another great thing about the location of the course is that it is a hot bed of courses.  New courses are developing and popping up often to add to the many existing course up there.

Pyramids Disc Golf Course, Leicester, MA

Pyramids Disc Golf Course is my favorite disc golf course.  This play has it all, open, tight, long, short, doglegs, elevation, and one of the best and most famous pro shops in all of the North East- Marshall Street Disc Golf.  This course is located on a great piece of land that has a stream running through 8 of the holes.  Being on privet land, it is a pay to play course (the only down side to the course).  The maintenance on this course is like no other I’ve ever seen.  There is hardly any litter around the course and the course is constantly being improved.  The course has two different baskets for each hole, creating a gold and silver layout.  The gold course is the longer, more challenging course that offers plenty of birdie opportunities, if you can make a good drive and upshot.  The silver course really tests your ability to make great drives and to convert 15-30 ft putts.  Each lay out tests yours skills and rewards you for good throws.


-2 lay outs

- Great balance of shots i.e. backhand/forehand, hyzer/anhyzer, long/short, open/tight

- Super clean

- Home of the Marshall Street Disc Golf store!!!!!!  Best selection, best service, and the best prices!

- Great elevations shots

- Great use of over water shots

- Tons of the small detail touches to make a course great! (benches around, tables at every hole, great Tee signs, bridges over water, warm up driving net, DDC court)

- Creative hole design

-Jason Southwick- this man has done so much for disc golf in New England, and he is quite the character.



-          Pay to play (although I don’t mind paying to play this course, its worth it)

-          Some of the holes zigzag and errant drives and become dangerous for other players.


So over all, I give this course a 5 out of 5!  There are such for negative things about this course that they really don’t come in to factor about the course.  This should be on every player’s must play course list.  You really can’t find a better maintained course.  Plus you can’t find a course with such an extensive and amazing pro shop!

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Vibram Ascent Review

Vibram has made a name for themselves in the disc golf scene by their top of the line putters made from rubber.  Seeing how their putters are becoming more and more popular, they started to make drivers.  Their first driver is the Ascent.  It is a stable fairway driver that is perfect for wooded courses.  Like the putters, the Ascent comes in different firmnesses, x-link and x-link firm.  I have the regular x-link and man is it sweet.  I know that when I walk up to a hole where the fairway is narrow or there is no fairway that when I throw the Ascent, it will not kick off a tree hard deep into the woods.  The regular x-link just bends and flops when it hits a tree, preventing miserable kicks that would add strokes to your score.  The rubber doesn’t flop around in your hand, but only will bend and fold when hitting something hard.  It is this reason why I will never head to a course without this disc because I know I have an advantage over other players whose discs would get those bad kicks.

Vibram Ascent

Vibram Ascent

The Ascent is a very straight flying disc when thrown with some snap to it.  It is a perfect disc for shots that are around 300ft.  When thrown harder, it will make a real nice s curve.  At the end of the flight, the Ascent had a nice little fade to the end.  It’s nothing serious, just a nice little finish to the left (RHBH).  There is a decent amount of glide to the disc, so it will go for a while.

x-link bending

View of the softness of the x-link rubber on the Ascent.

When looking down the fairway, and I can only see a narrow gap and trees, I look for one disc, the Ascent.  I feel as though the Ascent in the regular x-link is a must have disc for anyone playing in the North East or on a course with tight fairways.  After watching how this disc reacts when thrown is a great thing, but watching the disc prevent strokes when hitting trees is even sweeter.

Don’t worry, even pros hit trees, so take action to help you out when you hit them.

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Latitude 64 River Review

I can’t say enough about how sweet the plastic is from Latitude.  I have the River in the Opto line plastic and it is amazing.  It has great grip, durability, and is just soft enough but still firm.  I’m hooked on Latitude discs just because of the plastic.  Now, about the River.



The River is in the control/fairway driver area.  This mean the river isn’t going to be flying the furthest for you, but you should be able to control its flight.  I would compare the River to a faster Leopard with more glide to it.  These qualities combine for a great disc when in the woods and you need a shot to stay clean.  The River doesn’t take much to get it a good ways due to the glide and it being on the under stable to stable side of the flight chart.

I use this disc for a few different shots.  I feel as though it is best for me when throwing a slow turning anhyzer flick shot that turns the whole way and will slightly fade back at the end (Using this shot and disc helped me tie for 1st place at a big tournament).  I just flick the disc nice and easy, watch it start to turn and let the glide take over and the River just carries.

Another great thing about the River is that it will hold a great line.  I really need to pay attention to my release angle because the River will leave at that angle and stay on that flight path.  This helps a lot of players because they can get that instant feedback on seeing how they threw the disc.  This can help a new player out because they learn about wrist angles and how they change disc flight.

I would recommend the River to any level player.  New players can learn a lot from throwing this disc.  Experienced players can have the pin point accuracy needed on the course.  If you are looking for a disc with glide, control, durability, and can fly pretty far, get yourself a River.

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Innova Champion Rhyno Review

I have a special attachment to the Rhyno.  It was my first putter and I have encourperated the Rhyno into a slogan for my disc golf crew, Team Raging Roid Rhyno.  I didn’t fully understand the nature of the Rhyno when I first got it, because I had just started playing.  I loved the disc, but I didn’t know how to use it to its full potential.  I knew it was a very over stable disc and I kept that in mind.

Champion Rhyno with a custom dye.

Recently I walked into my favorite disc golf store (Marshall Street Disc Golf) and walked past some of the most beautiful discs I’ve seen.  Champion Rhynos look like a diamond among rocks.  I picked one up and felt just how grippy the champion plastic felt and how soft it was.  It felt as though I was picking up a supersoft putter, but it was in champion plastic!  After holding the disc, I was sold on buying it (I walked into the shop with no intentions of buying a disc).

Back to about the flight of the disc.  The Rhyno is an overstable putt and approach disc.  I feel as though the Rhyno is the best approach discs out there.  You can throw this thing hard and you know it is going to fade back for you.  It will hold a straight line, it will make a nice S-curve when thrown with anhyzer, and it works for hyzers and hyzer spikes.  This is where the softness of the chapion plastic really comes in to play.  When the disc spikes in the ground or just hits the ground, it really does just die.  This is something I still can’t get over, seeing a champion disc this soft and just dying when it hits the ground.  When you have to go around something to hyzer in a putt, you shouldn’t be reaching for anything besides the Rhyno.  It will hyzer enough to make sharp cuts without being thrown up high.  The Rhyno is also a great disc for flick approaches.  You can put a decent amount of power on it and it will fly dead straight and have that same dependable fade at the end.  Something else to add to the list of positives about the Rhyno is that it has the right amount of glide.  I can line up my shot with the Rhyno and feel confident going for the basket without thinking about gliding way past the basket.  Another feature the Rhyno offers is a Thumb-Track grip on top.  This means that the rim of the disc is just raised above the inside of the disc, adding a better grip which adds control.  Just having the Rhyno in my bag gives me a confidence that I can get out of sticky situations.

Thumb-Track on the Rhyno

Thumb-Track on the Rhyno

If you are in the market for a new mid range/approach disc, you really need to get the Rhyno.   It is a true work horse on the course and can easily handle drives, approaches, and putts.  I highly recommend the Rhyno, and while you’re at it, get it in the champion plastic.  When you need something with some fade at the end of the flight, the Rhyno is a great choice.

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Hylands Disc Golf Course- Sturbridge, MA

First and foremost, this is a member’s only course.  You cannot play here unless you are a member or are with a member.  This course is part of an apple orchard, brewery, farm attractions, and many more fun options.  A stage is set up under the pavilion so live music can be heard often when visiting Hylands.

With that out of the way, what a beautiful piece of land!  There is a great combination of open, grip and rip holes, and tight wooded holes.  Each hole has elevation changes and some have a small creek running through it.  The out of bounds lines really make you think your shots through and challenge your shots.

Pros  - Great Elevation

-         Great mix of long and short holes

-         Great use of tight wooded shots

-         Attention to small details (bridges, woodchips around pins)

-         Lots of other activities to do (but why would you want to do anything besides play disc golf?)

-         Massive downhill hole so it makes you feel like throwing 500ft is easy

-         Very clean (there isn’t litter all over the course)

Cons - Members only

-         Poison ivy is all over the place

-         Very tall grass (this could be because it’s been raining so much)

-         Most holes have only one tee/pin option

-         Beer drinking rules (only certain beers can be drunken at certain holes of the course)

-         Very buggy

-         A couple long walks between tees

-         Not all tees have tee pads, some are natural tees

Overall, Hylands is a good course.  There are some awesome parts to it, but I feel as though there is so much potential not being utilized.  I feel as though with time and some tweaking and more love, this course can be right up there with the best.  This is a newer course and it shows.  Paths need to be worn down for walking and this will get rid of some of the undergrowth that can hide discs.  All in all this is a fun course and I suggest that you find yourself a member to take you so you can go play it.

Latitude 64 Halo Review

Latitude is making a huge splash in the disc golf market.  One of the greatest qualities of their discs are their durability.  The Gold line plastic is best compared to Innova’s Star plastic and Discrafts’ ESP.  In my opinion, the Gold line crushes both Star and ESP in the durability and grip categories.  Latitude also makes discs in an Opto line plastic.  This compares to Innova’s Champion plastic and Discrafts’ Z line.  Again, the Opto line plastic lasts longer and has a greater grip than the competition.  I’ve been throwing an Opto Riot for 3 years now and it has worn about the same as a few month old Champion Beast.

Gold line Halo

Gold line Halo


Enough about the plastic, let’s talk about the Halo.  The Halo is a speed 13 driver that really lives up to the speed 13 name.  I find the Halo to be more over stable than my Nuke.  I can flick the halo in a dead straight line and it had a nice hard fade for me at the end.  I normally don’t throw this for a back hand, but when I do it flies over stable as well.  It will make a very small s-curve when thrown full power.  I find that I can’t throw the Halo as far as my Nuke or Boss, but I love to flick this baby out in long wooded holes where I need a nice hard fade to the right.  I know that when I throw the Halo right, it will do what I need it to.  Something that I find with this disc is that it tends to rise when throwing it.

I would recommend this disc to someone who is looking for a disc in between a Boss and a Nuke.  If you are turning over a Nuke or just want something with a little more fade, go for the Halo.  If you haven’t held any of the Latitude 64 plastic, you need to go out and try some right away.  I lost my Gold line Halo under the ice and snow this winter and it sat there for 2 months.  I got back and it flew exactly as it did before.  If you are looking for a new distance driver, think about the Halo.  Whenever looking for a new disc, I will always see what Latitude 64 has to offer because I know their discs are made with some of the highest quality plastic out there.

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Disc Golf Terms

Hyzer- Used to describe a type of shot when the disc is released with the wing down.  This creates a very hard curve to the left for a right handed back hand thrower (RHBH), or a hard curve to the right for a left handed backhand thrower (LHBH).  This shot allows players to really rip into the disc and put full power on the throw without worrying about flipping the disc over.

This is how you would release the disc for a hyzer flight.

This is how you would release the disc for a hyzer flight.

Anhyzer- Used to describe a type of shot when the disc is released with the wing up.  This creates a curve to the right for a right handed back hand thrower, or a curve to the left for a left handed backhand thrower.  This shot allows players to counter the natural tendencies of the disc.  This shot is most effective with an under stable disc.

This is how you would throw a disc with an anhyzer flight.

This is how you would throw a disc with an anhyzer flight.

S-curve- This describes the flight path of a disc when thrown with slight anhyzer.  The disc will start out flying to the right for a RHBH thrower and then finish fading left.  This shot allows players to increase their distance and to curve around objects.

Stable- This describes how the disc will fly.  A stable disc will have a tendency to fly straight and to finish with little to no fade.

Over stable- This describes how the disc will fly.  An over stable disc will have a tendency to fly straight and finish hard to the left for a RHBH thrower or hard to the right for a LHBH thrower.

Under stable- This describes how the disc will fly.  An under stable disc will have a tendency to fly straight and finish to the right for a RHBH thrower or to the left for a LHBH thrower.

Turnover- Used to describe the amount of anhyzer and or power a player puts on their throw.  When a player turns their drive over, normally the disc will cut hard into the ground and either skip, roll, or die.

Innova Flight Chart- It seems as though no company ever uses the same flight chart/system to rate their discs.  Innova has four different boxes/numbers to describe the flight of their discs.

  • Speed- this is the disc’s ability to cut through the air and how fast it can fly.  The numbers range from a 1 all the way to a 13!  The lower numbers, 1-5, are going to be your mid ranges and putters.  The next level will be the fairway drivers, 6&7.  Finally you get your distance drivers, 8-13.
  • Glide- this is the disc’s ability to maintain loft.  The numbers range from 1-7.  The lower numbers will drop out of the air faster, leaving you less chance the disc will sail past the basket.  The discs with higher glide ratings are best for new players or players looking to get more distance out of their throws.
  • Turn- This is the discs ability to turn to the right for a RHBH thrower during the fastest part of its flight.  The rating scale is from -5 to +1.  The lower the number, the more the disc will turn.  Discs with a low number make it easier for players to get a distance increasing S curve out of their throw.  The discs with number -3 through -5 are the easiest to throw roller shots with.
  • Fade- This is the discs ability to cut to the left for a RHBH thrower or cut to the right for a LHBH thrower as the disc slows down during flight.  It is based on a 0-5 rating scale with a 0 finishing straight, and a 5 will finish hard to the right for a RHBH thrower.  New players should look for discs that have a fade around 0.

Discraft Flight Chart- Just about every Discraft disc has the stability stamped on it.  Their scale ranges from a -1 to a 2.6.  The numbers from -1 to 0 are on the under stable to stable range, numbers 0 to 1.5 are the stable discs, and numbers 1.5 to 2.6 are in the stable to over stable category.  Their flight chart takes each disc and lists the stability of that disc in each plastic, if it is made in the 150 class, if it’s a good wind disc, if it’s a good roller disc, and if its beginner friendly.  On the side of the chart, they break down the types of plastics and their advantages.

Disc Weights- Disc weights will max out at about 180 g.  As far as disc weights go, the lighter discs are easier for new players.  New players will benefit from the lighter discs because the lighter the disc, it is generally going to be on the under stable side of that discs flight characteristics.  I’m not saying that you can get a brand new disc that is rated to be as over stable as a Predator in 150 g and be flipping it over from the first throw.  I just mean that when thrown, the disc will stay on a stable and straight flight path for longer.  The lighter weights also are easier to throw because it is less mass that you have to accelerate to throw, allowing you to get greater speed and rotation on the disc.  This could allow you to get that sought after S curve on the flight of your drive.  There are discs in a super light weight class called the 150 g class.  These discs will be best for children, women, or anyone with a weaker arm.  These are some of the lightest discs out there and will truly give you the distance and accuracy you want when just starting out.  Pro players and players with a lot of power tend to throw max weight discs or discs that are near max weight due to the fact that they can really power that extra mass for extra distance.

New Writer to join the Disc Golf Traveler Web Team.

Kyle Moriarty has recently joined the disc golf Traveler web team and will be writing about all sorts of things.  He will write up disc reviews, course reviews, tips for new players, gear reviews, and all other things disc golf.  Kyle went to Springfield College in Springfield, Mass for Physical Education.  He has helped teach a disc golf class to his fellow students for the past three years, so he knows how to break down the skills and explain them in a way anyone can understand them.  He already has one disc review up on the Vibram Ridge and there will be much more to come from him.  He is excited to be part of Disc Golf Traveler and hopes to help

Ripping Discs!

Ripping Discs!

future and avid disc golfers.