Quarry Run Disc Golf Course- Augusta, Maine

Quarry Run Disc Golf Course- Augusta, Maine

            This course is straight up awesome!  Any type of hole you can imagine is here.  There are short ace runs, long downhill bombers, tight wooed shots, shots from fields into gaps, open field holes, and plenty more.  The course plays through an old rock quarry with a few of the holes going over or though the quarry, which is a cool touch for me.  Quarry Run also has a decent sized pro shop with reasonable prices and the staff are very friendly and willing to help.  Talking to the owner, he is planning on expanding his course and making 2 different course, a pro level course and a beginner friendly course.  This is very exciting and disappointing at the same time because I love the current lay out, but I can’t wait to see what else this property has to offer.


-          Great Hole Creativity

-          Great mix of shots i.e. backhand/flick, hyzer/anhyzer, short/long, open/tight

-          Great use of elevation

-          Super clean course

-          Very friendly and helpful staff

-          Course is maintained as well as any other top notch course

-          Tee signs give the perfect amount of details

-          Tables and/or benches at every hole


-          Pars are too easy ( I shot 10 under par with 2 or 3 eagles, I’m not THAT good!)

-          The course is going to be changing in a year, so get this lay out in as soon as you can!

-          Tees are rough at times, multiple kinds of concrete used and in sections so they can be bumpy and uneven


This is just a fun course to play.  If you are a player looking to get your first under par round or looking to hit par, this is the course to do it on.  Get it out of the way so when you find yourself shooting under par during a tournament, you don’t choke cause you’ve never gone under par before.  With a readjustment to the pars, this course would be a 5 out of 5, but with the easy pars, it is a 4.5 out of 5.  I am excited to see the changes and the new course put in here, but I will miss the current lay out.  Another great thing about the location of the course is that it is a hot bed of courses.  New courses are developing and popping up often to add to the many existing course up there.

Pyramids Disc Golf Course, Leicester, MA

Pyramids Disc Golf Course is my favorite disc golf course.  This play has it all, open, tight, long, short, doglegs, elevation, and one of the best and most famous pro shops in all of the North East- Marshall Street Disc Golf.  This course is located on a great piece of land that has a stream running through 8 of the holes.  Being on privet land, it is a pay to play course (the only down side to the course).  The maintenance on this course is like no other I’ve ever seen.  There is hardly any litter around the course and the course is constantly being improved.  The course has two different baskets for each hole, creating a gold and silver layout.  The gold course is the longer, more challenging course that offers plenty of birdie opportunities, if you can make a good drive and upshot.  The silver course really tests your ability to make great drives and to convert 15-30 ft putts.  Each lay out tests yours skills and rewards you for good throws.


-2 lay outs

- Great balance of shots i.e. backhand/forehand, hyzer/anhyzer, long/short, open/tight

- Super clean

- Home of the Marshall Street Disc Golf store!!!!!!  Best selection, best service, and the best prices!

- Great elevations shots

- Great use of over water shots

- Tons of the small detail touches to make a course great! (benches around, tables at every hole, great Tee signs, bridges over water, warm up driving net, DDC court)

- Creative hole design

-Jason Southwick- this man has done so much for disc golf in New England, and he is quite the character.



-          Pay to play (although I don’t mind paying to play this course, its worth it)

-          Some of the holes zigzag and errant drives and become dangerous for other players.


So over all, I give this course a 5 out of 5!  There are such for negative things about this course that they really don’t come in to factor about the course.  This should be on every player’s must play course list.  You really can’t find a better maintained course.  Plus you can’t find a course with such an extensive and amazing pro shop!

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