Innova Vulcan Review

Another year, another high-powered driver for those with lesser arms.  This story is growing old in the world of disc golf, but it does give us something to talk about.  The Vulcan is described as a fast, long, under-stable disc that has less fade than the much-heralded Katana.  Is it worth the hype? Will this disc finally add distance to your game?

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I'm a little embarrassed to say it, but after throwing this disc I must say the experience was great.  It flies exactly as described.  I was not super-impressed with the Katana, but the Vulcan comes much closer to meeting the promise of a max-distance driver for lesser arms.  It hyzer flips much more effectively than most discs in its class, turning over and finishing with very little fade.   Those with stronger arms will actually get this one to finish to the right (for righties).  If you're really good, the Innova Vulcan could make a nice turnover disc for looong anhyzer shots.

Overall, the Vulcan comes as close as possible to delivering on the promise of a "game changer".  I really do think that beginners will benefit from learning to hyzer-flip this disc for max distance.  Like I always say, a new disc won't turn you into a better golfer, but this one just might buy you some more distance.

- Available in Star plastic ONLY

- Lighter weights available

STATS:  Speed 13, Turn -4, Glide 5, Fade 2


Discraft Hornet Review

Somewhere between a Wasp (one of my personal fav's) and a Drone is the new Discraft Hornet Mid-Range disc. Discraft describes the Hornet as "not crazy overstable, but no sissy either."  As part of Discraft's "hive" of mid-range discs,  the Hornet has a lot to live up to.  After all, the buzzz, wasp, and drone are some of the most reliable mid-ranges on the market.

From what I've seen so far, the Hornet is a nice Mid-Range option for windy days. It also has a good bit of glide compared to similar overstable mid-range discs. I find that I can give it a ton of arm and not have it turn over...which is an advantage over the Buzzz, which can be flippy in such situations.  I'm not sure where it will exactly fit into my game just yet, but it is certainly a disc to look out for.  Will it replace my wasp?  I'm not sure just yet.

Have you thrown this disc?  Submit a review by commenting below.

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Discraft Stalker Review

Is it a driver? Is it a mid-range?'s the best of both worlds. Discraft's new golf disc - the Stalker, is an awesome hybrid of a distance driver and an accurate mid-range disc.  While this disc delivers on what it promises, the biggest problem with the Stalker is finding a place for it in your game.

There is certainly nothing wrong with this disc, I just can't see using it over my Buzzz on mid-range shots or picking it up for fairway drives.  If you are looking for an in-between driver/midrange hybrid, this disc is for you.  However,  if you don't have a pressing need for this disc in your bag you might want to spend your money on a different disc.

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Gateway Warlock Review

The Warlock is yet another high-quality putter from Gateway, who seem to pump out P&A molds like nobody else on the market.  The Warlock is essentially a Wizard (my personal favorite) without the bead on the rim.  Since the bead is what gives the Wizard it's stability, the Warlock is much less stable.  The Warlock makes a great ultra-straight putter or short-distance turnover driver.

I recommend that Warlock to beginning players because it will give a perfectly straight line right out of the box.  Overall, this is a high-quality putter for anyone who needs to add a straight flying putt and approach to their bag.   It is available in the standard plastics that Gateway offers,  but I prefer the super soft mold...not too soft, not too hard!

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Disc Golf Accessory – Otterbox 1000

How many times have you been out on the disc golf course when you've  had to fish out a disc from a stream?  Have you dropped your bag in a puddle or on the muddy ground?  If so, you've probably gotten your wallet, keys, or phone soaked at one point or another.  I've recently come across a really good solution to protect my valuables from the elements while disc golfing.

I now carry a waterproof case in my disc golf bag.  I place all of my small items inside.  Anything that would be in my pockets or disc golf bag now rests comfortably inside my Otterbox 1000 case.  Otterbox cases are waterproof, crush proof, and airtight...meaning whatever I put inside will stay dry no matter what.  With my otter case I can confidently play in the rain or snow without worrying about my cash, credit cards, phones, or whatever.

The best part is, Otter Cases fit perfectly in my small disc golf bag or even in a cargo pocket.  They do make larger sizes, but for my money the Otterbox 1000 is the perfect size for whatever I need to carry.  I think I could even keep my PDGA rulebook inside...not that I'd need it.

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Innova Dart Review

Perhaps the most innovative characteristic of the Innova Dart is that it is available in bendable and grippy R-Pro plastic.  If you've never held a disc in this material you owe it to yourself to pick one up.  Try to imagine an eraser with a smooth texture...that's kind of what it's like.  The Innova Dart putt and approach golf disc is also available in DX and Star plastics.

Enough about the plastic...let's get to the disc. The Innova Dart is a putter that is designed for long "get-em" shots around 300' or less. When dealing with the Dart, it's probably better to think mid-range than putter.  In fact, you can probably throw the dart just about as long as any of your mid-range discs.  My favorite part about throwing this disc is that it really resists turning over - something other approach discs generally fail at.  As a result, the dart makes an ideal driving putter for holes less than 300ft.

The Dart won't replace your Aviar for every-day putts, but it will hold a spot in your bag for those in-between shots.  The Innova Dart is a specialty disc, but a great one at that. It glides like a dream and holds a line better than most approach discs.

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Disc Golf Frisbees?

If you are looking for disc golf reviews follow the link to read our write-ups of some of disc golf's most popular discs.

But should you call them frisbee golf discs?  Probably not. Purists of the sport of disc golf refrain from using the word "Frisbee Golf" because frisbee refers to the actual brand name, which is not usually used in disc golf.

Disc golf discs are much more specialized than the standard frisbee. Disc golf drivers are much thinner and faster than the typical fribee you would throw at the beach.  The closest disc golf relative to the classic frisbee would be a putter. Disc golf putters are thicker, rounder, and fly much slower than other discs.

Disc golf, frisbee doesn't matter what you call it, as long as you get out and play!

Innova Monarch Review

Description - A super understable driver with almost no fade

Pros - Flies straight as an arrow when given a hyzer

Cons - Will be too flippy unless thrown correctly

Compares to - Faster Roadrunner, same glide as a Wraith

I got the opportunity to visit some family in Tampa, which has some of my favorite disc golf courses in the country. I stopped by the famous Clearwater Disc Golf store to take a look and ended up with a 163 g Innova Monarch. I took it with me to near-by Cliff Stephens Disc Golf Course to throw a round.

I used the Monarch as my primary driver on several holes (until it went straight into a pond...but that's another post).  I was astounded with how understable the disc was right "out of the box". I hyzered it pretty hard and it never faded back. The Monarch flew as straight as an arrow and landed gently about 20 ft. from the first hole. I was sold.

Obviously, the Monarch is also a great turn-0ver disc. Pros will find it to be a very useful roller disc as well.  However, I have never come across a more beginner friendly driver. I would have a hard time imagining anyone who couldn't throw a straight drive with the Monarch.  In fact, as soon as I got home I texted a newbie friend and told him, "Dude, you need to pick up an Innova Monarch!". Let's hope he does.

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Gateway Magic Review

Description - Easy to control putter, ideal for beginners

Pros - Super straight right out of the box

Cons - Holds ANY line, not stable at all

Compares to - Polecat w/  little more speed

For a disc golf beginner there is nothing more important than accuracy, especially when it comes to putters.  Gateway Disc Golf has long been known for their expertise when it comes to putting. The Wizard is  favorite among many pros for its dependability and versatility. Often overlooked is the

Magic, a less stable putter from Gateway.

The Magic's "Magic" lies in its ability to hold any line. It's outer edge is a little more blunt than a Wizard, resulting in a more straight flight path.  In fact, the Magic has been compared to a well-worn Wizard...which is a very good thing in my book.

While the Gateway Magic Putter will indeed hold a straight line it is not particularly good in the wind or for longer approach shots. Unfortunately, the Magic's ability to hold a line makes it vulnerable when conditions are not ideal.  As a result the Magic tends to be less popular among seasoned players than Aviars or Wizards.  While the Magic will not replace my go-to putters, it is a really nice choice for beginners or those with trouble putting consistently with more stable discs.

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Teaching a Friend to Play Disc Golf

I went out a few weeks ago with my friend Mike who had never even heard of disc golf before, let alone played it.  I personally enjoy introducing friends to the sport, even though it can slow down a round of 18 considerably. This is not the first time I've taken a friend out, but this time I decided to learn from past mistakes and try a few new things. My goal was to get Mike to throw straight and avoid losing any discs on his first round.  Here was my strategy:

1. No Drivers - Let's face it...drivers are hard to control and if you can't throw one straight, it's going to get lost. There is  nothing more frustrating that spending more time looking for discs than actually playing disc golf.  I've seen lots of friends get turned off of the sport because of frustration. No Innova Katana today!

2. Understable Mid-Ranges - I let Mike use my favorite beaten-in Innova Stingray for his drives. If you've never thrown a stingray before I highly recommend it. It's the only mid-range I've used that will hold an anhyzer forever.   Mike found a lot of success on drives with my Stingray.

3.  Just Throw Straight - My initial instructions were to avoid "muscling" the disc and just throw it straight. To Mike's surprise (not mine) his drives were going farther at 50% power. All experienced disc golfers know this, but to a beginner it is hard to imagine form beats muscle every time. We've all seen 150 lb kids huck a disc 400 ft. (and felt ashamed afterwards!)

As a result of my teachings (and just because disc golf is awesome) Mike had a really good time. Since then he picked out a few new discs (BUZZZ, Surge SS, Wizard...some of my favorites)