Latitude 64 Diamond Review

The Diamond is one of the newest discs on the market from Latitude 64. It is unique in that currently it is only available in super light weights - in the 145 - 155 range. This makes it idea for anyone who has a smaller arm, women, children, and beginners. … [Full Review]

Latitude 64 Diamond Review Latitude 64 Diamond Review

Vibram Ascent Review

Vibram has made a name for themselves in the disc golf scene by their top of the line putters made from rubber.  Seeing how their putters are becoming more and more popular, they started to make drivers.  Their first driver is the Ascent.  It is… [Full Review]

Vibram Ascent Review Vibram Ascent Review

Latitude 64 River Review

I can’t say enough about how sweet the plastic is from Latitude.  I have the River in the Opto line plastic and it is amazing.  It has great grip, durability, and is just soft enough but still firm.  I’m hooked on Latitude discs just because of… [Full Review]

Latitude 64 River Review Latitude 64 River Review